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In addition, the steel buttplate was swapped for one made of plastic and the traditional bluing seen on the barrel and receiver was traded for a less durable finish.The new models with their more inexpensive parts came off the production line in 1964.

Whichever Model ’94 you choose, you’ll be shouldering a piece of long gun history and own a rifle worthy of passing down to the next generation.Down range, the new models shot every bit as well as the pre-’64 models.Perhaps they were not as pretty, but they were said to shoot just as well—or so said Winchester’s factory representatives, anyway. Yet it wasn’t a debate about accuracy that caused the rifle’s reputation to take a hit, rather it was the sturdy construction, durability and fine lines that reduced the public’s clamor for the Model ’94—and made the pre-’64 models instant classics.Winchester rifles, also known as “The Gun That Won the West,” made their debut in America with the Winchester Model 1866 which served as one of the world’s first repeating rifles.Since then, Winchester Repeating Arms Company has continued to design and manufacture quality firearms.Cowboy Action Shooters favor rifles with actions they can cycle fast enough to put 10 rounds on five targets in less than 10 seconds. Thus, while the ’94’s action and it’s .30-30 cartridge are well suited to a properly placed shot on medium-sized game such as deer, the same cannot be said of action shooting.

Today, Winchester sells the Model ’94 in four configurations and three different calibers including .30-30, .38-55 and .450 Marlin (the last is known as the Model 94 Trails End Takedown).

As for legendary Winchester rifles, Browning was responsible for the Single Shot 1885, Model 1886 and Model 1892.

However, in 1893, he outdid himself with a new Winchester model, the lever-action rifle that would become known as the Model ’94.

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With the public clamoring for the oldies but goodies, Winchester made significant strides and improved the aesthetics of the post-196r Model ’94s during the following years.

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