Absurd developments in dating technology

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Absurd developments in dating technology - camera dating

3) RCA had come off the (1939) World's Fair TV 'high' having created considerable consumer interest in television becoming an early addition to the American home scene.But following the World's Fair period (April 1939 launch) their experimental programming schedule on W2XBS had dropped off significantly (regular scheduled programming ceased July 31, 1940); during September-October (1940) almost no programming was transmitted although they did create a special "Election Night" coverage report during the November 1940 national elections, and then returned to test pattern.

RCA had manufactured the bulk of these followed by GE and Andrea (which sold small 3" screen partially assembled kits to experimenters).What follows is a "work in progress" updated as new information comes to the surface and can be verified.Additional efforts are ongoing and will continue until a natural culmination of the subject matter results.) References to date: RADIO NEWS (1936 - 1954) RADIO CRAFT / RADIO ELECTRONICS (as renamed in 1948; 1936 - 1954) TELEVISER - Journal of Television (1945 - 1951) FM (later FM & TV; 1941 - 1948) BASIC TELEVISION (Bernard Grob/ RCA / Mc Graw Hill 1949) PRINCIPLES OF TELEVISION ENGINEERING (D.Goldmark and Lee Edson; 1973) The Great Television Race (Udelson; 1982) And the first person remembrances of Sava Jacobson, Morris L.Tucci, George De Rado and others who's quotations appear here. Scenario: a) In November 1940 the status of American television was: 1) Approximately ten low-band (44 - 68 Mc/s) experimental stations were capable of tests.7) CBS was on record as NOT favoring the commercialization of TV at that time citing a list of reasons (to follow).

Virtually every other firm in electronics was in favor of TV being authorized for commercial operation.

(Author's tracking notes: Tracing the historical development of color TV in America has been an interesting challenge.

There has been no shortage of "headline" material pried from old, yellowed pages of Radio Craft / Radio Electronics, Radio TV News, Televiser and many other periodicals (including Broadcasting).

Most operated with test pattern and some broadcast an occasional film.

Noteably, RCA's W2XBS (44 - 50 MHz) and Los Angeles W6XAO (44 - 50 Mc/s; Don Lee Radio Network) had been or were maintaining schedules of 1 to 3 hours daily; Sundays excepted.

The correctness of a number of his claims and what it reports as fact have not been independently verified. Please contact Bob directly if you have questions or comments.

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