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The helmet was discovered, part of the Ribchester Hoard, in the summer of 1796 by the son of Joseph Walton, a clogmaker.The boy found the items buried in a hollow, about 10 feet below the surface, on some waste land by the side of a road leading to Ribchester Church, and near a river bed.

The parish was part of Preston Rural District throughout its existence from 1894 to 1974. The village is situated at the foot of Longridge Fell and on the banks of the River Ribble.Little is known about post Roman Ribchester although the presence of St.Wilfrid's Church indicates that it retained some significance.In the 17th and 18th centuries the village became, like many in East Lancashire, a centre for cotton weaving.Initially in the homes of the weavers and latterly in two mills (Bee Mill and Corporation Mill) built on Preston Road on the northern edge of the village.In 1838 William Howitt published his Rural Life of England in which he described conditions in the weaving districts of East Lancashire.

'Everywhere extend wild, naked hills, in many places totally un-reclaimed, in others enclosed, but exhibiting all the signs of neglected spiritless husbandry ...

This, or something very like it, is what we should naturally expect.

We then obtain a structure measuring 81 × 112 feet (34 m), the latter dimension including a verandah 8 feet (2.4 m) wide. Ribchester was a large fort, about 6 acres (24,000 m), garrisoned by cavalry; in a similar fort at Chesters, on Hadrian's Wall, the Principia measured 85 × 125 feet (38 m): in the 'North Camp' at Camelon, another fort of much the same size (nearly 6 acres), they measured 92 × 120 feet (37 m)." The most famous artifact discovered in Ribchester, and dating from the Roman period, is the elaborate cavalry helmet.

From the east, it is Blackburn Road, which, at its westernmost extremity, also links up with Church Street, albeit closer to the centre of the village.

Stonygate Lane, which runs to the north, partially follows the route of the old roman road into Ribchester.

No one attempted to restrain or rebuke them; yet no one of the adult population offered you the least insult; and if you asked the way, gave you the most ready directions, and if you went into their houses, treated you with perfect civility and showed an affection for these little brats that was honourable to their hearts and wanted only directing by a better intelligence.

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