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So, let’s pay a lip service to some of history’s great smooches. This is a great opportunity to see if the eharmony process is right for you. Our Free Communication weekend gives you a chance to talk to your matches for free.

the guys in the band always get more girls than those of us who are musically challenged.

women generally feel a strong sense of attachment when falling in love due to the extra […] A study of the profiles of eharmony members reveals that rugby league fans from NSW are more athletic, adventurous and physically confident than their rivals north of the border.

While the Maroons tend to dominate the Blues on the field in State of Origin football, recent research shows that NSW supporters have more winning appeal. July is the month that hosts International Kissing Day. It’s one of those significant signposts in life that signal one’s evolution. There may […] Take advantage of our Free Communication Weekend this year- it runs during October 26- October 31.

With the Easter long weekend fast approaching, we thought we’d share our top four tips for making the most of the break to meet that special someone.

Let it go What […] For a lot of us, getting dressed can be a serious chore.

Little did they know that joining eharmony would lead them to meeting someone so close to home.

Ruthie: “No one really interested me for the […] Are you single and over the disappointing dates, endless swiping and search for someone to connect with on your level? We are excited to announce that e Harmony LIVE is happening again!In fact, it can be a complete time-waster: did you know that on average, we could be spending a year of our lives deciding what to wear?It usually goes a little something like this: jump out of shower, stare blankly at wardrobe, […] Single and shy?A genuine, friendly opening line can go a long way, so here […] The long distance relationship – or LDR – is a contentious issue in the dating world.People seem to be divided as to whether they are worth investing in.Well as someone who has done a lot of thinking and reading […] It’s usually easy to tell whether a guy is into you or not, but in the world of online dating it can be a little trickier.

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    The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.