Antique dating periods

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Antique dating periods - dating at teotihuacan

Claw-and-ball feet became the fashionable termination of the cabriole leg.

Skilled French workers sought refuge in Britain when Louis XIV of France ceased to protect Protestants, 1685.

Legs are turned to trumpet shapes or scrolled and scroll develops into cabriole leg by the end of William's reign in 1702.

QUEEN ANNE During her reign, 1702- I 4, the cabriole leg donated; surfaces were veneered with walnut, but marquetry became less evident.

First came the neo-classical style led by Adam - vertical lines, ovals, circles, columns, urns, disciplined carving, gilding and painting related to the Louis XVI style.

Those of Sheraton 1791-4, providing a domestic, middle-class version of neo-classicism.

After 1570, a version of Renaissance style owing more to France and the Netherlands than to Italy found expression in fat turnings surmounted by Ionic capitals, solid inlay, carved caryatids, strapwork, split baluster turnings.

JACOBEAN Strictly speaking, the reign of James I, (1603-25 ) but also used to cover that of Charles I (162549).

The wood chosen for a piece of English furniture can reveal much about where the piece was made, its date, and how expensive it might have been.

We have compiled a list of the most commonly found woods in antique English furniture from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to help you identify various woods when purchasing your antiques.

Rounded arches - a typical Romanesque feature - occur on chests as late as the 17 th C, But the few examples still in existence which I date from earlier than 1300 are simply constructed and mostly carved with roundels bearing little relation to Romanesque architecture. The Gothic style was revived in the mid-late C and again in Regency and Vigorian times.

ELIZABETHAN Renaissance When Elizabeth' came to the throne in 1558, most furniture was functional and plain.

In late-18th C Scotland, Edinburgh was producing sophisticated furniture, some of it with distinctive differences from that of London.

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