Asp formview itemupdating

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The Drop Down List should be configured to look like the ASP. The Data Source ID for the Drop Down List points at Customer IDData Source.The Data Value Field and Data Text Field's are assigned to Customer ID and Company Name respectively, and lookup values will come from the Customers table.

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Next you will need to configure the data source for the Drop Down List and bind the Drop Down List to the source for the list items and the source for the selected value.

Here are the steps: The last steps require that you bind the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to the Customer IDData Source and the Selected Value to the original source's Customer ID.

Hi I have 2 update buttons in my Form View ('Apply' and 'OK').

I want both buttons to update the data source but the 'OK' button should redirect afterwards.

For server-side redirection case, I think you may consider set a flag (a page variable ) to indicate that whether the request should be redirected and do the transfer/redirect in a later event(such as Page_Pre Render...).

And as for the new problem you mentioned: ==================== The exception thrown in the Object Data Source Inserted event does not stop the redirect in the Form View Item Inserted event. protected void ods Account_Inserted(object sender, Object Data Source Status Event Args e) ======================= this is due to the internal exception handling codelogic of the Form View and the underlying Data Source View it calls(for your scenario, it's the Object Data Source View). Item Inserted event can help capture the exceptions occured during the insert operation and expose it thourgh the event argument: #Form View. Of course, this is the particular implementation of Form View (and some other template databound control), for some simple webcontrols, there won't have such additional exception management code logic.Can you explain this and let me know how I can get around it?Thanks again Andrew OK, I have to check for an exception in here too.Is there a better or more appropriate technique I could use?Thanks Andrew Hello Andrew, Is the redirect here means redirect the current page to another page/url? Client Script to dynamically regisgter a clientscript to do the redirection at client-side.You can use the Smart tags menu or switch to the ASP.

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