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Numeric values are physically stored without any extra leading or trailing zeroes.Thus, the declared precision and scale of a column are maximums, not fixed allocations.

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Inexact means that some values cannot be converted exactly to the internal format and are stored as approximations, so that storing and retrieving a value might show slight discrepancies.REHub – Hybrid wordpress template with enhanced affiliate, coupon, directory functions with social unique features, WOOCOMMERCE EXTENDED Multivendor and user submit Extended Buddypress BBPress Content EGG Affiliate links builder and much more REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme.Theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites.See Section 11.2 for more details about which operators support indexed operations.Table 9-44 shows the functions available for use with array types.If the contents of two arrays are equal but the dimensionality is different, the first difference in the dimensionality information determines the sort order.

(This is a change from versions of prior to 8.2: older versions would claim that two arrays with the same contents were equal, even if the number of dimensions or subscript ranges were different.) See Section 8.15 for more details about array operator behavior.On non-IEEE platforms it might be off a little, but for simplicity the same ranges of are implemented using sequences, there may be "holes" or gaps in the sequence of values which appears in the column, even if no rows are ever deleted.A value allocated from the sequence is still "used up" even if a row containing that value is never successfully inserted into the table column.Managing these errors and how they propagate through calculations is the subject of an entire branch of mathematics and computer science and will not be discussed here, except for the following points: type typically has a range of around 1E-307 to 1E 308 with a precision of at least 15 digits.Values that are too large or too small will cause an error.The syntax of constants for the numeric types is described in Section 4.1.2.