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) A very common problem found in previous LCL for Win CE versions was that under Windows CE, by default, there exists no close button available in the title bar.There is, however, a "X" minimize button, which minimizes the form.

Data is read in chunks of 32bits (=4 bytes) and it is addressed by multiples of 4.

From Create Brush Indirect on Windows CE does not have Set Prop and Get Prop API's which is used a lot. The current implementation is not exactly as win32 API.

In win32 you can set multiple properties with different names to each window but here I ignore names so we can only have one kind of property assigned to each control.

Currently there are some small issues which sometimes with nested pack records compiler does not generate the required code. But note that using packed records will influence speed a lot as all of its members are treated as unaligned. The Windows CE interface will try to automatically detect the kind of device which is being run if nothing is specifyed by the user. Currently it should work just like on win32, althougth maybe the Left/Top position should always be ignored, because a Handheld may have a small screen.

It's also necessary to check if all border styles are supported (how could one resize a form on a handhelp?

If not, it has to be read in 2 halves and then combined to one integer.

The x86 supports reading like this, although it is inefficient.For more details see: See Also: Win32/64 Interface#Background color of Standard Controls Several different problems with TCustom Check Box descendents (like TRadio Button) and TGroup Box were found on Lazarus 0.9.25 and are being fixed.1 - The autosize of TCustom Check Box descendents under Windows CE produces a too small area, both inside a TRadio Group and a alone in a form.You can use unaligned keyword both in left or right side of your assignments.Examples: When using Pack records, compiler automatically generates all access to the record members as unaligned access.Suppose a CPU has a 8bit data bus to memory and you want to read a byte.