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Families unable to escape to sea would have fled inland into the highland (arden) forest of Armorica.From hiding there they were able to re-emerge once the legions had departed, and were able to re-inhabit their 'Vannetais'.

The latter revolt against this infringement of their lands and possessions, and the neighbouring tribes rapidly follow their lead, including the Ambiliati, Diablintes, Lexovii, Menapii, Morini, Namniti, Nannetes, and Osismii.

(Additional information by Edward Dawson, and from The La Tene Celtic Belgae Tribes in England: Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R-U152 - Hypothesis C, David K Faux, and from External Link: The Works of Julius Caesar: Gallic Wars.

Other major sources listed in the 'Barbarian Europe' section of the Sources page.) Pytheas of Massalia undertakes a voyage of exploration to north-western Europe, becoming the first scholar to note details about the Celtic and Germanic tribes there.

Those Veneti who do not manage to flee by water, mostly serfs, remain in Armorica.

Many of these are enslaved and sent to Rome to be sold.

But Caesar exaggerates wildly when he claims to capture or enslave the entire population.

Armorica is hilly and wooded - one of several places in Britain and Gaul with a Coed Arden (Forest of Arden) which means 'high forest', a forest on high ground (not in valleys).

When the Veneti military falls, it is most likely the rich Veneti who climb aboard every ship or boat they can find, perhaps taking some servants with them, or perhaps not if there isn't enough room.

Noble women, children, old men, and very young men/older boys, and some surviving warriors are the occupants of these ships.

One of the tribes he records is the Ostinioi - almost certainly the Osismii - who occupy Cape Kabaon, which is probably pointe de Penmarc'h or pointe du Raz in western Brittany.

This means that the tribe has already settled the region by the mid-fourth century, probably alongside their neighbours of later years, the Veneti, Cariosvelites, and Redones.

The campaign by Caesar against the Veneti is protracted and takes place both on land and sea.

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