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Wish I could have gotten through the book to read more about him cause he sounded delicious.I should be more lenient towards Poppy given her misguidance and cruel mother but her character alone and her antics leaved a lot to be desired for me.

Unwilling to lose the woman he still lusts after, the duke is determined to win back his beguiling bride's delectable affections..surpass the heady days of first love with a truly sinful seduction. Naturally, everything is perfect once the Case of the Powder is solved, and all is bunnies and rainbows. Still loved Jemma and Villiers and Charlotte Tatlock.

It's very simple and could have been solved in one chapter instead of dragging it out through the entire book.(I already know this given the hints here and there in the book and reading some of the reviews beforehand) I generally don't let reviews make a decision for me before or while reading a book but this one I just couldn't finish. The naivete I can understand given her psychotic lunatic satanic mother who fills her head with such misguided exaggerated nonsense about the marriage bed.

I kept thinking EJ was trying to be funny and comical in her witty way by doing this but it ended up falling completely flat and silly. I lost count how many times the woman ranted and spitted about what 'disgusting pigs' men are. And what's worse is Poppy sitting there like a good little girl and listening to all of it and actually taking her advice. I wasn't a fan of Poppy before even reaching the middle of the book.

I'm sorry while it was a *creative* attempt at moving away from typical HR tropes, this one for me was just plain silly and unrealistic.

Seeing all the grief it was creating for the hero and heroine over something so silly and minuscule was just not worth it to me.

HAHAHAHAHA, so okay you guys, this is the premise: Twwoo Wuvvv Sexiness is overcome by some itchy hair powder. I liked the scene where it ultimately came about and Poppy (the heroine), got over her shyness, but everything before that... Jemma and Poppy's relationship was the most loving of the book, Charlotte and Villiers' the sweetest (though also unbelivable).

Everyone else's relationships can pretty much fly off to never-neverland and I wouldn't care.I don't see myself checking this book out again to continue it already knowing where it's going to lead.I liked Fletcher I understood his frustration, while I wasn't crazy about his complete obsession with finding someone to sleep with, I understood him, more then I did Poppy.I had heard he was a bit of a villain in the earlier books so I was glad to see him in his larger than life personality in this book.So his 'As I lay Dying' subplot was quite entertaining.This second book in the series (which I read out of order, 1 then 3 and now 2) started out kind of slow - and sad.

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