Chace crawford and leona lewis dating

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Chace crawford and leona lewis dating

Here are Blindie's top ten moments from , and he's apparently managed to charm Leona Lewis, even making his way into the video for her new song "I Will Be." The hot prep schooler met the Grammy-nominated songstress at a dinner in her honor at the Sanderson hotel in London last month, became fast friends, and quickly won a role in her music video -even a few speaking lines. I mean, people, be prepared to hear this song at every wedding for a long time.” PHOTO CREDIT: (Crawford) Sara Jaye Weiss with Jenny Humphrey still clawing her way up the ladder of fame and fortune, Blair Waldorf scheming to get into Yale, Serena van der Woodsen chasing after the indie artsy guy, and Chuck Bass giving killer James Bondish dialogue.Lewis was spotted shooting the video in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn on Friday. Here are Blindie's highlights from gang is all here, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena even Georgina, and they're scheming and plotting together like true Upper East Side friends.

We wonder how Mariah Carey is going to take the news that Leona Lewis is supposed to be the next "It" girl. Mariah even accused JLO of copying her fashion style and singing like her when she suggested Jennifer Lopez stole her music .Mariah freaked out in 2001 on TRL and had to check into a mental facility a few days later to get help. Mad TV did a spoof of the Mariah Carey breakdown episode.Leona Lewis claims she's not going to be wearing any Mariah Carey microskirts. When I was 18, I had a few glasses of Alcopop — they’re bubblegummy drinks with a bit of alcohol — and it was gross. And I taste d wine, which I don’t like,” Leona tells the music mag.Leona Lewis is obviously copying Mariah Carey's fashion style and singing style.Leona Lewis even did one photoshoot where she was wearing the exact same clothing as Mariah Carey.Stars like Zac Efron, Colton Haynes, and Taylor Lautner have all been in music videos.

Those guys can definitely add some serious eye candy to a video!

« Que va-t-il se passer avec Noura et Emilie, ses invitées ?

» s’interrogeait le magazine people sans toutefois répondre à cette question.

Pourtant, en juillet dernier, Public affirmait que cette édition de l’Amour est dans le pré devait être marquée par les conflits, et notamment celui entre les deux prétendantes de Sébastien.

« C’est l’agriculteur qui va plus faire parler de lui cette année car il est rare que ça parte en live de cette manière », affirmait une source.

Cet engagement est partagé par le candidat de l’Amour est dans le pré qui en profite pour saluer les qualités de sa chère et tendre, rappelant que cette dernière habite quand même à 750 km de chez lui.

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