Characteristics healthy dating relationship

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Discussions and disagreements should not lead to name-calling or other forms of disrespect.The silent treatment is unhealthy and should be avoided; instead, talk about your feelings.

You might not pass through each stage or each step in your relationship.A healthy relationship will not require you to change your core values.Avoid abandoning your personal interests, and allow your partner to indulge in activities that he enjoys as well.A healthy relationship involves enjoying each other’s company and having fun together.Fun times are often necessary to overshadow the stresses of everyday life and conflicts that naturally arise in relationships.At loveisrespect, we talk a lot about how to support someone you care about if they are being abused.

But what if the person you care about is the one who is being abusive toward their partner? This can be such a difficult situation to deal with.

If you find out that your partner has been dishonest, it can be challenging to build and maintain trust.

A couple of emotions that could have a negative impact on trust are jealousy and insecurity.

Different people define relationships in different ways.

But in order for a relationship to be healthy, it needs a few key ingredients!

You might love your family member, but you know that what they’re doing is harmful.