Chatting with hot housewives

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Chatting with hot housewives - dating sweet hot ru

Curious as to whether it was the same guy, I proceeded to open the lower level sliding doors to allow him access to the room housing the treatment equipment. This time I paid a little closer attention to his appearance.He was tall, lanky, maybe 6′2″, clean and well groomed with a real boyish look.

As he handed me a receipt and exited the house to the driveway, I found my eyes trained on his lanky frame and again found myself fantasizing about a possible sexual encounter.

With Dave gone for the day, I proceeded upstairs with a recently completed load of laundry in hand.

Depositing the load of laundry on our bed for folding, I couldn’t help myself and reached for my favorite vibrator.

I have had a number of extra-marital trysts over the last several years.

All of which were with Dave’s approval and encouragement. Me having sex with other men was and is his fantasy.

As badly as I wanted Dave’s cock in me, I knew that if he fucked me he would cum in me and I wanted to be fresh in the morning so I insisted that I wanted to see him cum and asked him to masturbate with me and cum on my tits. In no time I was cumming as Dave deposited his load on my quaking tits.

After some recovery time he told me he was really looking forward to the “delivery” Dustin was going to make. The following morning, no words passed between us regarding the Culligan man’s scheduled appearance. As he approached the sliding glass door, I opened it and he entered pushing his lift truck.

He was young, tall and handsome, probably in his mid twenties. At 42 years of age, 5′2″, 120 pounds with 36c breasts, Dave refers to me as his MILF, and has encouraged me to “explore” my sexuality and “enjoy” myself whenever the opportunity presents itself. He had been in the garage working when the Culligan truck arrived and asked me if everything went okay downstairs with the delivery.

As he left, he had a difficult time making eye contact with me as he said goodbye, he was still blushing. I hesitated, but then thought what the heck, and told Dave that it was a new guy and that he caught me somewhat indisposed.

The robe was loose at the top and my breasts were almost completely exposed. I blushed, he blushed, and I pulled the top of my robe closed.

As the door closed, I called out Dave’s name and looked up only to find that it wasn’t Dave …. Too late however, I knew he just had a peek at what I’ve always considered to be one of my best assets, my ample breasts.

I said I wasn’t certain, and I really wasn’t, but that if he was interested in seeing what unfolded, he should be in position at one of the lower level windows at delivery time the following morning.

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