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Another early source for Saint Alban is the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, or the so-called 'Martyrology of Saint Jerome' in which the entry In Britannia Albani martyris probably occurred originally under 22 June.In fact, in the extant versions, Alban has acquired numerous companions because of confusion/conflation with other entries.

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The text only very briefly mentions Alban but is an important text concerning his nascent cult.

There was a bridge, but a mob of curious townspeople who wished to watch the execution had so clogged the bridge that the execution party could not cross.

Filled with an ardent desire to arrive quickly at martyrdom, Alban raised his eyes to heaven, and the river dried up, allowing Alban and his captors to cross over on dry land.

The astonished executioner cast down his sword and fell at Alban's feet, moved by divine inspiration and praying that he might either suffer with Alban or be executed for him.

The other executioners hesitated to pick up his sword, and meanwhile, Alban and they went about 500 paces to a gently sloping hill, completely covered with all kinds of wild flowers, and overlooking a beautiful plain (Bede observes that it was a fittingly beautiful place to be enriched and sanctified by a martyr's blood).

Matthew Paris, the celebrated medieval English chronicler and most famous of St Alban's Abbey's monks, produced a beautifully-illustrated Life of St Alban in the 13th century, which is in French verse adapted from a Latin Life of St Alban by William of St Albans, c. It is now at the Trinity College Library in Dublin.

The date of Alban's execution has never been firmly established.

According to the Vita, Germanus visited Alban's grave shortly after defeating the Pelagian heresy in Britain and petitioned Alban to give thanks to God on Germanus'a behalf.

They once again call on him during their voyage home, and Alban is credited with providing smooth sailing for their voyage back to the continent.

and he is considered to be the British protomartyr.

Along with fellow Saints Julius and Aaron, Alban is one of three named martyrs recorded at an early date from Roman Britain ("Amphibalus" was the name given much later to the priest he was said to have been protecting).

Alban is also briefly mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (c.