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The cycle is also replete with individual gems, such as the 3D House of Slavechicks, Stars In One, and The Happy Wanderers Salute to John Williams.

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The Headline Challenge characters crop up again on Murray's File and Canadian Gaffes and Practical Amusements.

Edith Prickley - Martin; Pierre Trudeau - Short; Dancers, waiters - extras; Andy Warhol - extra Guy announces that SCTV will pick up the CBC feed from Canada.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Lola Heatherton (off-camera) - O'Hara; announcer - staff announcer Announcer: Morley Markle - Candy Gord, Gord and Dick have all the exciting play-by-play; also featuring Howie Mc Meeker's pro-curling tips.

Lorna Minelli - Martin Sammy and William B enjoy the clip so much, they show it again.

Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty; William B Williams - Candy; Lorna Minelli - Martin The next clip is from a few months back, when Bobby brought the show right down.

They bring out Lorna Minelli, who humiliates William B some more.

Lorna Minelli is singing a song ("Ring them Bells") when a fly interrupts.

Ken Taylor - Short; Bar patrons - Wilcox, extras; mountie, passerby - extra; announcer - staff announcer; singer - Paul Flaherty Dougall introduces and engages in some banter with the panel before the first challenge - RCMP investigates personnel misconduct. Host: Dougall Currie - Levy; Sondra Wicks - Martin; Austin Mc Grath - Short; Phillip Marks - Flaherty; Staff Sergeant Donald Mc Andrew - John Hemphill Announcer: Morley Markle - Candy Our falls are bigger and better than those in the States.

Announcer - staff announcer; Canadian - Martin For the second challenge, the panel fails to identify a popular Canadian actor, even after taking off their masks and looking at him.

Series 5 Cycle 4 Directors: John Blanchard, John Bell Writers: Dick Blasucci, Paul Flaherty, Mike Short, Bob Dolman, John Mc Andrew, Doug Steckler Producers: Andrew Alexander, Nancy Geller, Patrick Whitley SCTV now begins its programming day. Starring John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin and Martin Short. Narrator - staff announcer Down three cast members, SCTV just kept cranking out great shows.

Moving to a six-episode production cycle, five of the episodes feature strong wraparounds, including two classics: Melonvote, and the janitor's strike that prompts Guy Caballero to transmit the CBC.

While no new cast members were brought in, the cast was augmented with some players from The Second City Toronto mainstage, notably Mary Charlotte Wilcox and John Hemphill, both of whom would, by Series 6, become de-facto cast members.

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