Consolidating all itunes music

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Consolidating all itunes music

There are lots of tools to help you delete duplicates, rename your files and update your artwork - but most clean-up tasks can be achieved within i Tunes without much hassle. Because everyone's digital music collection is a mess!

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Any songs it gets wrong or misses, you'll have to edit the ID3 tags manually when you rebuild your library.8.

i Tunes will import the files and rebuild your library.9.

Update your album artworki Tunes should recognise your albums and update your cover artwork automatically.

Rebuild Your library This penultimate step will fully rebuild your i Tunes library - but do make sure your fixed back-up from the previous step is complete.

Here's why: you'll have to shut down i Tunes and delete the original old music files in your i Tunes Music folder.

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Media files that make up your i Tunes library may not all be in the same folder.

Go to "File Consolidate Library" to copy all data files to your i Tunes Music folder.

Next, copy the folder to an external drive or another folder on your machine.

If you have multiple folders containing media files which are to be added to your i Tunes library, there's an option in i Tunes to do this -- it's a useful feature that lets you to build up an index of your songs in a more flexible way.

However, it complicates the backup procedure because you will have to make sure that all these folders on your computer's hard drive are backed up as well as the i Tunes music folder.

Fix metadata Working with your new back-up, use the freeware tool Picard Tagger to fix any erroneous song titles, album info and other embedded meta data.