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When a person commits murder in warm/cold blood, it is likely that the Night Mother has been watching from the shadows.

Also, after they have pickpocketed him, a simple knife to the back will kill him.We are, more than anything, a union of like-minded individuals." The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins who are willing to assassinate anyone (apart from members of the guild) as long as the contractor pays enough for their service.They are a perverted offshoot of the "legal" assassins guild, the Morag Tong, who are primarily based in the province of Morrowind; while the Morag Tong were a respected, if feared, organization of Morrowind society, the Dark Brotherhood are a secretive underground cult that worships Sithis, the avatar of evil and the Void.The Dark Brother or Sister must defeat this ghost in order to gain re-admission into the Dark Brotherhood.It is unknown whether this spirit is actually from or related to Sithis, or if it is merely a tool used by the Brotherhood to keep members in line. Of the remorseless guild of paid assassins and homicidal cutthroats?

Join us, and you'll find the Dark Brotherhood to be all that, and so much more.Sithis is referred to as the Dread Father and is the patron being of the Dark Brotherhood.According to the Dark Brotherhood's belief, every soul murdered by a Dark Brother or Sister joins Sithis in "The Void".His bride is the Night Mother who serves as grandmistress of the Dark Brotherhood.Whenever a member breaks one of the five tenets of the Dark Brotherhood, a spirit called the Wrath of Sithis will attack that person in his or her sleep.A member of the Dark Brotherhood must follow 5 rules known as 'The Five Tenets'.

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