Dating a girl on the rebound

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Dating a girl on the rebound

If you never ask about previous relationships until you got to know the person better, this might set you up for being the Rebound Girl.If you believe that previous dating histories should be left in the past and never discussed…um, yeah, this might set you up for it too.

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REBOUND RULE #7 Don’t hang out at the restaurants and bars your ex introduced you to with a new friend. Would you want him to start taking his dates to your neighborhood bar?

A rebound girl is the person that you use to get over your last relationship.

This usually happens when you are in fake closure mode (see Closure).

Let’s focus on dealing with a relationship if you are the Rebound Girl or Guy.

Chances are going into the relationship, you won’t even know originally that your new date is on the rebound.

Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their split less than a month ago, and Jon certainly didn’t waste any time getting with a new girl.

Meanwhile, Kate continues to wear her wedding band.REBOUND RULE #3 Don’t rebound with any exes unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that both you and he are 1000 percent over each other.We do not advocate getting back together with any exes, ever.The power and the lure of the One That Got Away is so strong that it’s virtually impossible to break.Finally, I just gave up trying and had to call it quits.It sucks ass being the Rebound Girl, mainly because the relationship is not going to be given the full attention and affection that it deserves.