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In the Play Console, you can configure subscription products with automated recurring billing at your choice of intervals: Billing continues indefinitely at the interval and price specified for the subscription.

Users who have already purchased will continue to be charged at the original price, but new users will be charged at the new price.For more information about using the Play Console, see Configuring Subscription Items.When users purchase subscriptions in your apps, Google Play handles all checkout details so your apps never have to directly process any financial transactions.You can also create and manage subscriptions using the Google Play Developer API.When you create a subscription in the Play Console, you can set a price for it in any available currencies. You can price multiple subscriptions for the same content differently — for example you could offer a discount on an annual subscription relative to the monthly equivalent.In general the same basic policies and terms apply to subscriptions as to standard in-app products, however there are some differences.

For complete information about the current policies and terms, please read the policies document.

To learn about the minimum system requirements for subscriptions, see the Version Notes.

To create and manage subscriptions, you can use the Play Console to set up a product list for the app, then configure these attributes for each subscription product: For details on how to add and configure products in the Play Console, see Administering In-app Billing.

is a product type offered in In-app Billing that lets you sell content, services, or features to users from inside your app with recurring, automated billing at the interval you specify.

You can sell subscriptions to almost any type of digital content, from any type of app or game.

In addition to client-side API calls, you can use the server-side API for In-app Billing to provide subscription purchasers with extended access to content (for example, from your web site or another service).