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In 1874 two men known as "Syl" Collett and Robert Gee brought their families to the place.

In l900 there came to Cokeville a teacher whose name deserves more than passing mention, for the impress of her character is apparent on the town and on the entire state.The streams of Star Valley were rich in fox and beaver, and were visited by occasional trappers, but emigrants crossed the country by the easier mountain passes to the north and south.The first attempt to make a road across the Salt River Range was when the Lander Cutoff was surveyed from the southern slope of Mount Wagner to upper Salt River.Money and men poured into the town, "cowboys danced in the street in their rawhide chapps, rode their bronchos into the saloons, and shot up the town in truly western fashion." It was a fashion more pleasing in reading than in actual experience. Stoner died in 1907 and his son succeeded him in his business and ranch interests. A son, Norman Jacobson, was born here, and he has become famous as an artist and illustrator.Coe & Carter, the contractors for the furnishing of ties, had in their employ a young man by the name of Henry J. Under his management ties for more than half of the road were delivered. Somson took up a ranch about ten miles north of Cokeville, and he became one of its most prominent citizens. He lives in New York, but Cokeville has an enduring reminder of him in the inscription on a stone slab set up as a marker by the veteran, Ezra Meeker, in 19o9, on which Jacobson chiseled the words : OLD OREGON TRAIL-1852-56.Another brother, Edwin, after graduation, became assistant secretary of Yale University. Peter Nelson, a missionary of the Mormon Church held services in the schoolhouse from time to time, and in i 9o8 a meeting house was erected. Reader, an Episcopalian clergyman, converted an old log building that had served as bunk house, dance hall and faro joint into a place of worship that was dedicated as the Church of Saint Bartholemew. The first public school of Cokeville was held in a private house and taught by a Miss Condit.

A daughter named Hallie went as a missionary to South America, and after eight years of service there is head of the Spanish Mission at Los Angeles. White moved with his family from Evanston to Cokeville, and for five years lived on a ranch. There is a flourishing branch of the church there at present. She was succeeded by a man known as Ike Mc Vay, who later had an eventful career as a quack doctor and horse thief.

Rita Bourne was the first white child to be born in the place.

Evanston, seventy-five miles to the south, was the base of all supplies until the year 1875, when Mr.

At times I superintended the Sunday school, played the organ, led the singing, did the praying, taught the Bible class, and, in short, did everything but preach the sermon and draw the salary." Comprehensive as this may sound, it does not tell the whole story, for she was often janitor as well, and was always hostess to every lecturer and preacher who chanced that way. Stoner, son of Frank Stoner, did not interfere with her activities, which, on the other hand, expanded with the growing years. Stoner as leader, and she became president of the Law Enforcement League, called by the opposition the "Uplift Branch." Her experiences in this position would make a book as thrilling as the chronicles of "Pussy-foot Johnson." The heroism of this- refined woman, frail in body, but ever steadfast of purpose, deserves to be written high in the annals of history. The author has had access to this record, and has obtained the story of Mrs.

Stoner's part in the development from other sources.

A big horse ranch near by was started by the firm of Beckwith, Quinn & Company of Evanston, and William H. The Beckwith-Quinn ranch was brought to a high state of efficiency. Other prominent citizens of this time were Samuel Barrier, Thomas and Sylvester Collett and Fred and Richard Roberts. Embree, who had been establishing telegraph stations for the Union Pacific, came to Cokeville. From the headquarters in New York he has traveled all over the world.

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