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Producers of the finest in Danish porcelain, Royal Copenhagen is a company steeped in tradition.Its celebrated blue-and-white china patterns as well as its famed hallmark depicting the royal crown and three waves—symbolizing the monarch who founded the company and the three major waterways of Denmark—are emblems of master craftsmanship.

But Mller and his small select team of artisans labour determinedly and persistently, and succeed in creating such a solid basis for the manufactorys continued survival that the absolute monarch King Christian VII in 1779 accedes and take over, thus guaranteeing the future of the porcelain manufactory.

Famous tableware series include Blue Fluted, made since 1775, Blue Flowers, Julian Marie, and Saxon Flower, all made since about 1880. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=royal-copenhagen&lgeo=1&mpre=

The foundation 1709: Europeans elicit the secret of Chinese porcelain - 1772-1774: The chemist F. Mller experiments 1775: The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory is founded By the time the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory is founded on , under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, more than one hundred years of persistent efforts have elapsed to elicit the secret of porcelain-making from the Chinese.

The three waved lines, symbolising Denmarks three straits: resund, Store Blt and Lille Blt, are adopted as the trademark.

An old post yard on Kbmagergade, in the centre of Copenhagen, is converted to house the manufactory.

Royal Copenhagen porcelain and pottery have been made in Denmark since 1775. The figurines with pale blue and gray glazes have remained popular in this century and are still being made.

Many other old and new style porcelains are made today.

Their prolific body of work includes Rococo-style porcelain statues that incorporate stylistic floral patterns in an Art Nouveau style, as well as modern vases by such noted 20th century Danish ceramists as Axel Salto.

Whether used for special occasions or displayed as part of a design collection, Royal Copenhagen pieces represent a legacy of the highest quality.

Soholm Pottery on Bornholm for example also marked their second quality items – with quite strong scratched or etched lines on the base of the product.

Usually the flaws on a Soholm piece are easier to detect than with Royal Copenhagen seconds.

Any pieces coming out of the Royal Copenhagen (and Alumina) factories which did not meet the standard for perfection are marked as “seconds”.

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