Dating violence in the media

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Young men often mimic behavior of abuse learned from father figures while young women, she said, typically lash out physically or verbally in response to abusive behavior by their male partner.

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If a girl has watched her own mother endure abuse all of her life, then the girl’s role as a victim is reinforced early on.“Jealously is possessiveness, it comes from a place of low self-esteem in the victimizer,” she said.“ Domestic and dating abuse are progressive by nature, so misinterpretations can build upon others and become dangerous.“When it comes to teen violence, there is almost 50/50% (split between men and women).” Pelaéz can’t pinpoint the reason behind why the reported amount of male and female aggressors is nearly equal in teen relationships.Through her work at Family Violence Prevention Services, which offers residential and non-residential resources for victims in abusive relationships, she has observed a number of scenarios.It’s only a matter of time before behaviors escalate to a more serious level, Pelaéz said. Victims and perpetrators often subconsciously imitate the behaviors of family members on either side of an abusive relationship.

Bearing witness to violence on a regular basis makes it psychologically difficult for many victims to leave their aggressors.

City officials believe violence is a public health concern, though more often treated as a crime and safety issue.

Experts like Pelaéz believe that violence is often a response to a person’s environment or accepted norms.

Technology, Pelaéz said, has made it easier to engage in acts of abuse and, in some cases, surveillance of partners.

“In the case of abuse, (social media) is a constant,” she said.

“When I was working he needed to know when I left work, how long it took me to get home from work, and why it took so long.” Thompson, like most victims, believed this behavior was normal. A lot of preventative teen dating violence initiatives in the city typically occur during February, Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month.