Eve aura not updating

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CCP's Lead Content Designer Scott Holden waxed eloquent over the Dominion Release due in the November / December time frame.A former freelance writer for White Wolf, Scott has been with EVE Online for about two and a half years."We have some major features we are releasing toward the end of the year, and as always, expansions are free," said Scott, describing them for me.1.

Incarna is the name of this initiative and it has been in development for a long time.The first was introduced at the Apocrypha and 2 more are being done for the Dominion release of level 3 difficulty.These are "speed boat" missions and will involve the use of smaller, speedy and agile ships in lower and null security space as players work for the Pirate factions in game.4.After careful consideration whilst planning upgrades and changes to Tranquility, we have decided to discontinue the EVElopedia as of Monday February 29th, 2016.More details regarding this decision may be found in this news article.Expanded tutorial material The tutorial was rebuilt in Apocrypha and Dominion adds on to it. The tutorial will ease players into the game a little better.

A more comprehensive tutorial, it is also goal oriented and the player can go through all the arcs to see what is possible in the game, and the career paths of Industry, Business, Military and Exploration, as well as Pv P."We needed players to know what to expect from the game and we want them to understand that it's okay to lose ships and that they will lose ships." Scott explained.

Changes in sovereignty in null security space The goal is to allow players in alliances to control the benefits they gain from sovereignty.

For example, they can control the resources and be able to mine more material in the area.

It may sound a little facetious, but what you are looking at and playing today [actually] is EVE 2."There will be entirely new art for the planets in the coming expansion as well.

Scott then asked what else we wanted to know."Walking on space stations," I said.

"It took time for us to develop the technology to make this possible, and not just possible, it had to be good."Asking players for feedback, Scott told me that the developers read the forums religiously. CCP looks to architecture and industrial design when they design their ships, not to other games.