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Fishesdating - is 6 years a big age difference dating

Eating must be good, though, since wolf eels can reach lengths to 8 feet.Wolf eels spend their time feeding along the bottom in deeper waters where they live among the rocks, in caves, or in deep holes.

Since it was established as a national park, there were over 5,000 fossils that had been identified from the site. As of 1999, the protected area and fossil site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition to the fossil collection at Miguasha National Park, it is also known for its rich biodiversity.

There are several species of plants, algae, vertebrates, invertebrates and microorganisms found within its landscape.

It was Abraham Gesner who discovered this site in 1842.

The fossils that he gathered from the site were sent to the Royal Scottish Museum and the British Museum.

The fang-like canine teeth give this normally docile fish an extremely fierce appearance.

Eating starfish, mussels, clams, sea urchins and other armored prey is hard work for the wolf eel but fear not, a new set of teeth grows up from behind each year to replace the worn ones.The site is believed to be the most outstanding collection of fossils from the Age of Fishes, or the Devonian Period.Carbon dating on the fossils at the site were traced back to this period.Once again, listen to my complete discussion with Hamilton Fish at My conversation with Ham was the 192nd episode in the series.There are two distinctive types of fossils found at the site: lobe-finned fishes and the Spermasposita.