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(When it’s time to scale up your webinars, you can buy some cool webinar software that integrates with Google Hangouts on Air, such as Webinar Jam (affiliate link) or Easy Webinar Plugin (affiliate link).They offer additional functions, like integration with autoresponders, having the option of more than one presenter, using high-converting registration pages, and so on.

It’s your chance to expand what you wrote, give detailed suggestions, offer examples, and discuss questions.To run Google Hangouts on Air (HOA), you need to connect your Gmail account with Google Plus and You Tube.If you don’t already have a Gmail account, set one up here. You can use this account to test your HOA webinars.For killer webinars, the classic three-act structure works best.The first act is the introduction which includes your story of why you’re passionate about the topic.Click on your event and select button on your HOA to make your webinar go live.

You can download an essential report on how to troubleshoot webinars using Hangouts on Air. Now that you’ve come to grips with the technical side of webinars, let’s get creative and give shape to your content.

Go through the following setup steps both for your main Gmail account and for your test account. Tip: In order to run webinars that are longer than fifteen minutes, you need to increase your time limit on You Tube by verifying your account.

Congratulations, you’ve now got the technical setup complete! And there’s only one way to get confident: practice!

The second act is the main presentation, and the third act is the question and answer session.

Here is my blueprint for forty-minute webinars: A key part of your main presentation is the last five-minute stretch. If your webinar is educational or inspirational, suggest one simple action your viewers can do today. Ask them to sign up for your email list or your Facebook page.

It’s beyond the reach of a blogger like you, right? Many bloggers will be fighting for the attention of your audience, and from the outside looking in, little will distinguish you from them. Or the trolls who stalk webinars and disrupt presentations. Bottom line: you have to practice before you go live. The software we used at the time allowed us to appear live on camera. The plan was that I would start the webinar and Leo would appear after my introduction. He couldn’t get into the system as a presenter so he entered as a participant to let everyone know he was locked out. Now and then, Leo popped up in the chat to say he was still trying to get in. Since that time, I’ve learned how to run goof-proof webinars.

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