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Boing Boing found the app, programmed in China, which simply searches the internet for common models of webcams — used for everything from a cheap security system to a baby monitor — and plugs in the default password (which many people forger or neglect to change).And once they’ve watched you for long enough, chances are they’ll try their luck blackmailing you with something they’ve seen.So how can you tell if your camera has been compromised? James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology in the US, recently published a paper called: ‘America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera?‘More technical indicators that are more difficult to obfuscate include the transmission of audio or video traffic from the device, the presence of running webcam processes and services, audio and video storage files and logs.’ Cleaning your devices up when they’ve been compromised is even trickier – but it’s do-able.The first thing Scott says you should do is immediately cover your camera with a plaster or something, so the perpetrators can’t watch you anymore.Someone could be watching you through your webcam, without you even realising.

We don’t mean to unduly alarm you, but unsecured cameras on your computer could provide a malicious hacker with a direct window into your life.Instead of awkward pauses and silence as you try to get to know a new girl, we provide you with awesome games, the most personable playmates and all the browsing tools to make it easier to strike up a conversation.Whether you prefer the camaraderie of a public chat room or the privacy of a show for your eyes online, the entire I Spy Live website is designed to give you exactly what you want, the way you want it, whenever you want.Cybersecurity has become a pressing issue, from the national level right down to the personal.And some glaring flaws in how we conduct ourselves that have basically forced companies like Microsoft to save us from our own stupidity.As well as blocking off the cam, Scott recommends a number of other things you should get in the habit of doing as best practice.

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