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By the end of the century, there were tobacco factories, iron foundries and machine shops.

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On high ground above the harbour, he built a wooden church consecrated to the Holy Trinity as well as a royal residence nearby.In addition to its internationally recognized tourist attractions and its annual rock festival, Roskilde is popular with shoppers thanks to its two centrally located pedestrian streets complete with restaurants, cafés, and a variety of shops.The city is home to the FC Roskilde football club which play in the Danish 1st Division, the Roskilde Vikings RK rugby club, and the rowing club, Roskilde Roklub.The Sankt Hans psychiatric hospital serves the Capital Region with specialized facilities for forensic psychiatry.The cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum, which contains the well-preserved remains of five 11th-century ships, attract more than 100,000 visitors annually.As a result of Absalon's influence, many other churches were built in the vicinity, making Roskilde the most important town in Zealand.

Coins were minted there from the 11th to the 14th century.

The Reformation brought Roskilde's development to an abrupt stop.

While the cathedral continued to be the preferred location for the entombment of the Danish monarchs, most of the other religious institutions disappeared.

Absalon, the Danish bishop, had a brick church built on the site of Harald's church in 1170.

Today's cathedral was completed in 1275 after five of Absalon's successors had contributed to its construction.

For the next three centuries, the city suffered a series of disasters including the effects of the Dano-Swedish War which terminated with the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, With the development of the rail network, Roskilde became an important hub for traffic with Copenhagen.

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