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If you are a continuing student with a Cal Grant Renewal and have remaining eligibility of less than 50% for a full semester, Berkeley will determine your eligibility and post a partial Cal Grant award into My Fin Aid.4.

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It is advisable to submit the GPA form to the Registrar of your certifying school by mid-February.

To receive the full grant amount, you must be enrolled full-time.

Your enrollment is verified at the end of the fifth week of classes.

A staff member will confirm whether or not you are on the list that was sent to CSAC.

UC Berkeley applies your Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B Tuition/Fee awards directly to Tuition/Fee charges on your Campus Account Receivable System (CARS) account.

Your certifying school is your high school, so you'll need to submit the GPA Verification Form or the Cal Grant GPA Information Release Form to your high school.

Even if you are a freshman in college attending Berkeley, verification of your high school GPA is required.

If you are an entering transfer student from a community college, your Cal Grant award may be on hold because CSAC determined you are ineligible as the result of processing your G-6 (Transfer Entitlement Verification Form).

Berkeley will soon replace your Cal Grant up to your maximum Gift Aid Eligibility (depending on availability) and any remaining difference will be awarded as Self-Help.

What is the minimum financial need required to be eligible for a New or Renewal Cal Grant and how is it calculated?

Financial need for Cal Grant eligibility is the difference between your Student Budget and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). What are the enrollment requirements for Cal Grant A and B?

Use the charts below to help you identify your certifying school. How can I confirm that Berkeley sent my GPA automatically?