Giving him space dating

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He then pulled me upward so that I could stand against him, never allowing his lips to leave mine.I felt him smile even with my eyes closed, and I couldn't help but giggle.

Virginity, purity, promises to God, promises to myself, my parents, the church...these words kept whirling around my mind, like leaves circling the round path of wind on an autumn day. My reflection pooled in his hazel eyes, the green-brown rims almost sparkling with anxiety and hope and lust. He sighed longingly and proceeded to kiss me firmly this time. I always made sure that something could interrupt us so that I would never have the chance to compromise my purity."Yes," I whispered into his skin that was already growing hot.I placed my lips onto his and paused for a brief moment.It was an interesting discussion to hear the girls talk about how they've shared our faith with non-believers. I asked for the usual: to get good grades for a good university program and blah blah blah.Michael started attending our youth group since we began dating.He then dipped into the side of my neck, which I arched for a better access. It was musky, masculine—everything a man was supposed to smell like.

It was divine, much better than any cologne could ever do. ' I asked myself, hearing again what I thought was the voice of God warning me.I never forced him (or at least, I hope I didn't); I simply suggested that he come one time. It was weird to hear him sound so awkward as he was always the out-going one.Ever since then, he always looked forward to the weekends— not to go out with friends, but to come to church. Early in our relationship, I established the physical boundaries.I never knew my fingers could be so sensitive, but I felt like I was holding threads of gold, holding all that's precious in this world.'Maybe just a few kisses, then we'll sleep.' I told myself, trying to calm my gnawing conscience.I told him that I wanted to wait until marriage until we were to become very intimate.

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    Ideally, every baby born into this world is surrounded by unselfish, patient love and nurturing from at least one or two parents.