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Guinness world records speed dating - orthodox christian morality dating

The proposal to built this bridge was given early in 20th century but start after many years of this so length of this bridge is about 38.35 kilometers therefore still in list of longest bridges after 47 years.Beijing Grand Bridge is another longest in the country which developed itself most in the world instead it has most population in the world as this bridge was also built for fast move of train which was completed in 2010 but it was opened in 2011 after a year of its completion as it is high speed bridge of train so it is mainly built o accommodate high speed trains so this bridge is located in most beautiful city of China which is known as Beijing therefore name of city is also include its name.

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So there are two toll plazas it has twelve lanes as it is fruit of mixture of engineers from Asia and America which done so much hard work on this therefore it was longest bridge till 2010 as length of this bridge is about 55 kilometer.This bridge was completed in 2008 therefore on that time it was longest bridge of the world but this was opened for public service in 2010 after two years of its completion so total length of this bridge is about 79.7 kilometers.Tianjin Grand Bridge placed on 2nd position in longest bridges of the world as this is also in China which has most longest bridges of the world so this is also in one of that bridges which has written their name in Guinness Book of the World record because it was second longest bridge of the world due to its length so its length is more than 100 kilometers which is 113 kilometers and also in only two bridges which have length more than 100 kilometers.Total length of this beautiful bridge is more than 48 kilometers therefore included in longest bridges of the world.Bang Na Expressway is also longest bridge which is located in Thailand officially Burapha Withi Expressway is a 55 km long six-lane elevated highway in Thailand.Manchac Swamp Bridge is also one of the longest bridges of the world which is build in United States in Louisiana so it is one of longest bridge on the water too so The bridge carries Interstate 55 over the Manchac Swamp in Louisiana, and represents one-third of the highway’s approximately 66 miles in Louisiana as this bridge was opened for public in 1979 it has consist of 40 minutes of drive so it cost of this bridge is about 7 million dollars per mile so it is longest toll free bridge of the world.

Total length of this bridge is about 36.69 kilometers and longest bridge of that time as this also twin concrete trestle bridge.Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is another longest bridge which is sometimes only called the Causeway is causeway composed of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, United States.So there are two bridges in this country which are called as longest bridges ever so when it was built it was included in Guinness Book of the World record due to its length because it was longest bridge of that time so this bridge is support by 9500 pilings.Bridge in ordinary words defined as a physical structure which connect two sides of an obstacle like valley, water like seas or it also connect many cities or villages in different urban areas of the world as it is also used to short distance between two places.Therefore provide faster traffic service so to fulfill this requirements there are many bridges in the world which have different shapes and designs in which some bridges are used for only train but some used as ordinary traffic so these bridges built according to requirement, material as well as situation.Ever since the dawn of time man has been trying to cross things – oceans, mountains, deserts. Of course those are far bigger than anything we’ll see today.

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