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Out of town, see the rock carvings of Wadi Methkandoush, and Akakus, a mountain range known for its gorgeous red sand and extraordinary rock formations.

Visit Sal, famous for its 350 days of sunshine, one of the most popular resort hubs thanks to the lovely beaches of Santa Maria; on Boa Vista you can climb stunning dunes and dive to see marine turtles, and explore the ‘tropical Lisbon’ of Sal Rei, with its cobbled streets.

Santo Antão is developing rural tourism, great if you want to meet locals and get away from the beaches.

Santiago, in the leeward island chain to the south, is best known as the island where Darwin made landfall during his epic Beagle voyage.

Book with Fes has a wonderful, labyrinthine medieval souk and, being far less touristy than Marrakech, is sometimes described as the ‘real Morocco’.

The city is famous for its Arabesque architecture, and the city’s medina of Old Fes (Fes el Bali), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is thought to be the world’s largest contiguous car-free urban area.

It's packed with fresh ideas for traditional breaks, from beach idylls to winter sun and family camping, along with great suggestions for trying something different – all around the world.

Whether you're looking for a weekend break or the trip of a lifetime, Time Out's worldwide team of travel specialists can take you there. After all, they don’t design 10-20 web pages for a single website like your website designers!

Book with US president Obama chose Ghana in July 2009 as the first African country worthy of a presidential visit, praising its democratic traditions since independence in 1957.

Accra, the capital, is vibrant, swinging to the music of Highlife and the more recent hip-hop fusion Hiplife; it’s more modern than many people expect (Time Out even publishes a Visitors Guide there).

It’s a country with huge geographical variety, containing a large part of the Kalahari Desert in the east of the country.

In the north is the Etosha Pan, a verdant, game-rich area with a huge range of species.

The interior is varied and ideal for voluntourists and adventure travellers: visit Ho and its game park to see kobs, duikers and baboons, go mountain biking to the villages of Biakpa and Amedzofe, and hike through the Kulugu canyons to the Mountain Paradise ecolodge (