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Still, he admitted that he can't erase from his mind all the things he has learned from the author."Should I stop reading him, since he has shown a completely contrary view on an important issue of biblical interpretation — and, beyond that, of the very definition of what it means to repent of sin? Reflecting on the question, Moore said that he probably wouldn't give Peterson's books to a brand new believer, or invite him to speak at his church, given the "sexually confused culture" people are living in.Still, he said that even though Peterson is "wrong about a huge issue," which he said has "massive implications for the eternal lives of people and the witness of churches," the truth is people can never read anyone "who is right on everything," with the exception of the Bible."Everything else we ought to read with a certain level of skepticism and discernment, including (maybe especially? Moore suggested that Christians can learn from "one who has been in grievous error at some point or other," and can continue "singing the hymns of those who turn out to be doctrinally heterodox.""But as we do, we must be honest about where such voices held fast to, and where they deviated from, the Word of God," he insisted."Eugene Peterson is a wise, gentle Christian. Christian teachers have made errors before — sometimes massive ones (think of the Simon Peter of Galatians 2).

Denise confides to Tara, admitting that she's scared for the community; Tara insists that it "isn't the end of the world". Once Morgan is inside, he requests antibiotics and a discussion regarding Scott and her treatment of his injuries occurs.Denise gets angry at Owen, tearing up, and tells him that the things he has done, such as killing people, are unjustifiable.He replies that he had freed the people he has murdered.It is revealed that Owen knew that she didn't know that Morgan had held him prisoner. He vows that he has done his part and that the world will take his role after his death.Denise asks to see the wound, to which he shows her, revealing that it has now become severely infected. She insists that he can change from his current self.Tara tells her that being afraid is a fear you have to overcome to survive. Denise is later seen witnessing Jessie put down a zombified Betsy and listens to her speech about the new world.

After some more careful reading through her books, Denise manages to find a way to stabilize Scott's infection.She had initially offered her support to Pete, but he turned her down. Denise is first seen studying in the clinic when Tara and Eugene come in looking for aspirin.Denise insists on examining Tara when she complains about a headache.and face your..." Denise Cloyd is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead.She is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and took over as the town's doctor after Pete Anderson's execution.When Tara tries to encourage her, she tells Tara that the patient she's currently treating will most likely die.

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