Is there a difference between going out and dating

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Is there a difference between going out and dating - Sveriges sex chat

For example, a website for a realtor may give information about the realtor, where a web application for the realtor may list current properties and manage the contact information for the realtor themselves. So I would suggest that the question is easier to answer if worded in a different way.

However, the "correct" answer is - if you're asking such a question then you should be looking for someone to help you build whatever it is you're building.

It’s intended for A web application is a software program which a user accesses over an internal network, or via the internet through a web browser.

An example of one of the most widely used web applications is Google Docs, which facilitates most of the capabilities of Microsoft Word; it’s free and easy to use from any location.

I'm stumped trying to come up to a difference between a web site and a web application for myself.

As I see it, a web site points to a specific page and a web application is more of some sort of 'portal' to content and information.

If it's a line-of-business solution, then it's an app. Although technology-wise, it's more or less the same. Commercial websites started out largely as interactive brochures (with the notable exception of hotel/airline reservation sites).

Over time their functionality (and the supporting technologies) became more and more responsive and the line between an application that you install on your computer and one that exists in the cloud became more and more blurred.

Practically, most websites with quickly changing content will also rely on a sophisticated programmatic (and/or database) backend, but at least in principle they're only defined by their output. Web applications primarily allow the user to perform actions.

The web application on the other hand is essentially a - 100% true; I would consider to be an application because it relies on the input of the users to do a specific task (provide answers to programming questions), not the input of one entity to control it's content. Google Analytics, gmail, and jslint are web applications. A university website likely gives information such as location, tuition rates, programs available, etc; it will likely have web applications that allow teachers to manage grades and course materials, applications for students to register for and withdraw from courses, etc. According to my understanding from your answer, stack overflow is an we application.

" From that it's easier to see that what we call a web-application is a system at a site on the web which takes input, acts on that input in a way that transforms it and produces output of value to some particular customer or user. To the owner of that site, the CMS is the web-application, but to the general public the same site may be seen as a simple brochure ( or 'website' ).

We know what is a "site" and "application", so all we got left is The Web Now, a web application may be a part of a whole website. Though usually you'll see that a website has only one web application.

The right person/team will advise you on your needs and build what you need.

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