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This is the country’s economic epicentre, where Pakistan’s different ethnic groups come in search of work.

So, he got a driver’s licence and joined the ambulance service. But he cannot stand to see suffering, sometimes getting in trouble for using his siren for non-emergency call-outs, and stopping to help if he spots anyone injured or lost on the road.

Ambulance drivers took the worst injured to other nearby hospitals for treatment.

Three ambulances were completely destroyed, so they worked with what they had.

At the time, he followed his first instinct, which was to get up and continue to help.

A further 13 people were dead, with scores more injured.

“My friends were checking me for injuries, but it was pieces of other people.

I was trembling hard and I couldn’t hear my own voice when I spoke. I could only hear whistles.” It was 5 February 2010 and Safdar had already dealt with the fallout of one explosion that day: an hour before, a motorbike laden with explosives had slammed into a bus carrying Shia Muslims to a religious procession.He was still inside the hospital when the second bomb exploded just outside the entrance.He did not realise until later that he had suffered head injuries.For years, a brutal gang war raged in the slum of Lyari, and as terrorism drastically increased in Pakistan after 2001, Karachi became a key militant operating ground.Since 2014, a bloody crackdown led by the army has brought a semblance of calm, but tensions bubble under the surface. “A lot of people leave after a week or so as they can’t take it.He had been collecting the dead and injured alongside his workers. “I came to pick him up in case of a third blast, but he said, ‘I am not going.