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The most obvious problem is the one that they touch on--these killbots have WAY WAY WAY too powerful weapons for mall security bots. When the Janitor got shocked to death I must have time travelled to 2007 because I suddenly screamed, "Don't tase me bro." Fuck the fuschia, it's Friday. And it's a problem that would have been pretty easily solved by having the weapons being the result of the military dumping faulty robots intended for combat use on private industry. Wouldn't one agree that there is a higher likelihood of items being stolen when there are more people around?

What the fuck kind of everlasting gobstopper donut is that!?!

So I'll be the nerd and breakdown the financial obligation the mechanics think they owe to the mall.

If this is the woman about whom they discuss high waist pants, these pants are neither jeans nor khakis. Chinos is a type of fabric that these pants are commonly made from. I agree that Alison is pretty badass, but when do any two women have a conversation that doesn't eventually lead back to a guy?

In the pizzeria, they're complaining about the nasty customer ("MORE BUTTER!! In the locker room, Suze convinces Alison to come to the "party" by promising her that Ferdy has a good personality.

i watched it with headphones on and all those chewing and swallowing noises did my head in. As if this movie wasn't crazy enough, the cherry on top was during the end credits sequence, where the filmmakers decided the headshot to use for Suzee Slater was a literally a HEAD SHOT.

I can only assume someone with morals felt a shot of her head exploding was more tasteful then using the shot of her naked in bed.Super nitpicky correction: The robots in this are more like ED-209 from Robo Cop than Robocop himself.I think this scene bears a striking resemblance to the opening scene of Chopping Mall and the scenes where the Protectors refuse to acknowledge badges. Khaki is just a very light tan color and, unless color grading or lighting is off, these aren't khaki colored.Sometimes a teen could take three or four hits and keep going, other times one shot would be a killshot.These lasers could cut through solid objects, but bulky sweaters and tight pants provide effective defenses?================= I can't be the only person weirded out when Michael wipes his mouth after kissing Leslie before talking to her father. What's up with the inconsistent strength of the lasers?