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he whole structure consisted of 4 main pillars and 2 smaller ones on each side, the former supporting a central dome.

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Macedonia remained part of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, and was often raided and settled by Slavic peoples beginning in the sixth century CE.Welcome to Camscape's 1525 webcams, organised in 257 different places across the world..Click a webcam category above to get going or see our cam of the day and our office cams.Although one of the poorest countries in Europe, Macedonia has made significant progress in developing an open, market-based economy.whilst the northwest was inhabited by the Dardani and the southwest by tribes known historically as the Enchelae, Pelagones and Lyncestae; the latter two are generally regarded as Molossian tribes of the northwestern Greek group, whilst the former two are considered Illyrian.The country's geography is defined primarily by mountains, valleys, and rivers.

The capital and largest city, Skopje, is home to roughly a quarter of the nation's 2.06 million inhabitants.The whole territory of Mount Olympus with the magical atmosphere that surrounds it is worth exploring or visiting and admiring at least once in life.A toll free emergency number (112) for all European countries and the radio frequency VHF 146.500 of the Greek Rescue Team are always available in case of problems.A curiosity: close to Leptokaria (Λεπτοκαρυά), at the foothills of mount Olympus, a very rare phenomenon occurs, the magnetic field of Livithra, a stopped car going up to the hill by its own energy or the water on the road flowing up will impress us all, scientists have been so far unable to give an explanation to this phenomenon.In a strategic position southeast of Mount Olympus overlooking the sea is located the Hellenistic-byzantine Platamon Castle (το κάστρο του Πλαταμώνα), east Olympus the rural settlement of Skotina (Σκοτίνα), really picturesque with its stone houses, attracts a number of visitors who enjoy its incredible views including the Zyliana River (once named Sys).Macedonia is a member of the UN and of the Council of Europe.

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