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Okrugic re-formed OPUS in 1975 with bassist Slobodan Orlic, drummer Ljubomir Jerkovic and singer Dusan Prelevic (ex KORNI GRUPA/KORNELYANS) and soon they recorded their debut "Opus 1", done in the symphonic rock style.It failed to draw attention of the public and the band split again.

In fact, when they were installed at Harvard in the 1930's, students who lived in Lowell House couldn't stand the clanging and would protest the noise by flushing huge wads of paper down the toilets hoping to clog the system.His profession was as an army officer (he rose to the rank of Engineer-General (compared to full general) of The Russian Imperial Army) and a teacher of fortifications, and his avocational life has particular significance in the history of music.In this sideline he is known as a member of The Five, a group of Russian composers under the leadership of Mily Balakirev dedicated to the production of a specifically Russian type of music. Over the course of our friendship, his inexhaustible well of artistic expression and experimentation has never ceased to amaze me.I’d like to share this mesmerizing Fred Hatt project with Museworthy readers.Superior Alexy of the Danilov Monastery blessed the bells as they were loaded onto a flat bed truck.

He was accompanied by Hierdeacon Roman, the Monastery's Chief Bell Ringer.

Hedwig's Cathedral Choir of the Monks of the Benedictine Abbey of St.

Martin Choir of the Monks of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Griller Quartet Guilet Quartet Hague Philharmonic Orchestra Hallé Orchestra Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra Hampstead Parish Church Boys' Choir Hilversum Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Holland Festival Chorus Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra Hollywood Quartet Huddersfield Choral Society Hugo Strelitzer Choir Hungarian Quartet L' Ensemble Orchestral de L' Oiseau Lyre L' Orchestre de L' Association des Concerts Pasdeloup L' Orchestre de la Suisse Romande La Maitrise de la Cathedrale de Dijon La Scala Orchestra Lamoureux Orchestra Lener Quartet Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra Leningrad Symphony Orchestra Leslie Heward String Orchestra Light Opera Orchestra and Chorus Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra London Baroque Orchestra London Philharmonic Choir London Philharmonic Orchestra London Quartet London Regimental Band London Select Choir London Symphony Orchestra Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra Louis Armstrong and his Savoy Ballroom Five Lucerne Festival Choir Lucerne Festival Orchestra Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Milan Symphony Orchestra Miles Davis Sextet Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra Modern Jazz Quartet Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Moscow Radio Soloists Choir and Orchestra Moscow Youth Orchestra Moscow Youth Radio Symphony Orchestra Mozart Festival Orchestra Munich Bach Choir Munich Bach Orchestra Munich Philharmonia Orchestra Musical Art Society of Camden N.

His French father Antoine (his name was later Russified as Anton Leonardovich), had entered Russia as a member of Napoleon's army in 1812, settled in Vilnius upon their defeat, and married a local woman named Julia Gucewicz.

In 1855 he was graduated from the Academy, and after advanced studies at the Nikolaevsky Engineering Academy, now Military engineering-technical university, he began his military career in 1857 as an instructor in fortifications.

Graduate student Ben Rappaport is the Head Bell Ringer and says he and the other ringers often played contemporary tunes on the enormous bronze instruments.