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Featuring prominent speakers, engaging campus visits, and plentiful networking opportunities, this must-attend conference provides participants with deeper understanding of the latest developments in education, a lengthy list of story ideas, and a toolbox of sharpened journalistic skills.Apply for a Travel Scholarship Register to Attend EWA’s National Seminar is the largest annual gathering of journalists on the education beat.

They learn through projects, like designing and building above-ground gardens, calculating the powers of a comic book superhero or constructing a recording studio to record a song.

” asked Frank Lo Monte, an expert in the federal privacy law, to a roomful of education reporters at a recent conference. “That’s why my phone rings 2,000 times a year,” said Lo Monte during the Education Writers Association’s 2017 National Seminar in Washington, D. When it comes to education research, the biggest mistake journalists make is avoiding it.

In her talk at EWA’s recent annual conference in Washington, D.

Doing so, she told a packed room at the Education Writers Association’s recent National Seminar, is crucial to news coverage of school boundaries and the often related issues of segregation, class bias, and equity.

With enrollment in public prekindergarten programs at a record high, there is a growing emphasis on building stronger connections between children’s early learning experiences and the K-12 system.

Growing concern about this problem is sparking efforts in the K-12 realm to ensure better college success rates for high school graduates.

The nation’s public schools are serving increasingly diverse populations of students, yet the teachers in those schools are mostly white.

The campaign’s “extraordinary vitriol and divisiveness” offers a strong argument for a “renewed emphasis on schools’ role in developing children as caring, empathetic citizens,” wrote Brookings scholar Jon Valant. After that, they worry about their children’s happiness and safety at school. Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt recently said his state is developing a system that “blurs the lines between career and technical education and what you might call traditional academia.” And in Illinois, school districts like the one in Arlington Heights are “redefining our academic handbook around career pathways,” according to Lazaro Lopez, the associate superintendent of High School District 214.

When it comes to their children’s education, what are parents’ biggest concerns? When Baltimore County school officials wanted to move boundary lines in 2015, some parents predicted declining property values and voiced fears of sending their children to school with “those kids.” Liz Bowie, a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, pushed for clarity on the coded language.

The Trump administration has big ambitions to ramp up school choice — both public and private — but those desires have quickly bumped up against political reality.

Will the president and Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos deliver?

Students meander between classes, professors chat about the daily news, crammers fill study rooms in the library. But increasingly, parents are taking on a new, potentially powerful, role — activist.