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Then, the aspiring actress leans back in her seat and crosses her arms. The attractive young woman is typical of New York City’s new breed of “super sitters” — bright young professionals who have first-aid training, a college degree and the word for diaper in four different languages.Such is the demand, rates of $20 to $25 per hour are becoming the norm.

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The former camp counselor writes in her online profile that she hopes to “not only look after and care for children while baby-sitting, but create a fun, stimulating environment.” And there’s more.

Asking The Post not to reveal her last name in case it deters future sitters, she adds: “When a date night with your husband costs 5 on top of your restaurant meal or movie tickets, you really have to think twice about going out.” Over in Park Slope, mom of two Michelle Kaye, 35, feels the same pinch.

“We pay between and per hour, and it starts to add up,” she says.

Earlier this year, research published by the Brooklyn-based support group Park Slope Parents found that 17 percent of baby sitters working for parents surveyed in the neighborhood were 21 or younger.

By contrast, 57 percent were between the ages of 22 and 30.

Not one to blow her own trumpet, the editor-in-chief of the parent-oriented Web site Mommyish concedes that her confident banter, bachelor’s degree and experience traveling around Europe gel with the brownstone set.

“There must be a reason why strangers look at me and trust me with their children,” she says, wryly.

“Teens are much busier now than they were 30 years ago,” says PSP founder Susan Fox.

“College applications assume that you have other activities than schoolwork — and baby-sitting doesn’t count as an extra-curricular activity.” That’s good news for the super sitters, the child caregiver/tutor hybrid who is particularly popular with families in tony Park Slope, Tri Be Ca and the Upper East Side.

“I want to find someone who has experience with infants, is CPR-trained and is not going to sit around watching TV with them,” said new mom of one Carla Roberts, 33, a TV producer living in Windsor Terrace, who was there to vet baby-sitting candidates.

Spending hours with her charges in front of cartoons is a definite no-no for Brooklyn-based writer and editor Koa Beck, 25, a former super sitter who still picks up occasional gigs with school-age kids in Park Slope.

Lindsay Bell, 29, runs the exclusive Flatiron-based baby-sitting agency Lucky Lil’ Darlings, which admits parents by referral only and charges a 0 annual membership fee. “They are smart, sophisticated and bring their own list of trophies to the table.” Rates are set at for one child, for two and for three kids, including a per hour agency fee.

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