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Netlog dating - Korean sex room web cam

Netlog Dating Site - Sign up and you'll find single women and men who are looking for relationship.

The first year I willingly gave out my e-mail address and chat line. Dawned on me one day this was their way to avoid asking for money on Netlog as there would be no evidence of such a request on file.Told them the name of the game was money, the more names they have the more they get from advertisers.I have no idea if this is true or not but I suspect they (Netlog) are in it for the money.Didn't know about your site and the wonderful work you are doing to expose these low life criminals. Three because I sent them, on each of the 3 occasions, those form letters (estate/dormant account money letters) and they blocked me instead of the abuser of the form letter.Their response when I asked why was 'sorry for the misunderstanding'.The two other occasions the response was 'Your account is active.' It should never have been inactive or blocked in the first place if they were doing their job properly. Third occasion happened quite recently where I called someone a Nigerian and pointed out to him his dreadful English and told him he was obviously not American and he should go back to school and learn proper English.

Being from some other part of Africa he/she became upset with me and used the 'F' word several times including in no uncertain terms what he wished would happen to me and my family.Also asked Netlog on one occasion why they allow multiple profiles, and listed three profiles wherein the parties had asked for money, their response to me was 'What can we do for you?" They re-instated me each time but I have no love for Netlog.They, in my opinion, are well aware of what's going on and are doing absolutely nothing to stop it and innocent people are being robbed of their money and the trauma of it all, when it is obvious they can dump these people in an instant by checking their IP addresses, as I learned from your site.I have been dealing with these scammers in my own way. It's about that crazy girl whose dancing shoes match yours. It's about your workout buddy, your listening ear, your honest critic or the love of your life.

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