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CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A method of stoneworking employed in the smoothing of an edge or surface by rubbing it with a hammerstone or other abrader prior to use.

These flakes are relatively flat, have broad, shallow flake scars (produced by the detachment of previous thinning flakes from the dorsal face), and tend to exhibit a feathering out of lateral margins.Also commonly referred to as Basal Grinding when the base and sides of the stem have been ground.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: grinding stone; metate CATEGORY: lithics DEFINITION: Any stone slab or basin that is used to process seeds, nuts, and other such foods by rubbing, grinding, or pounding them against this object with another stone..There were large base camps, storage pits, and outlying specialized-activity camps that show some permanence.There is evidence from is concave and the edge of the base usually blunted through grinding, probably to ensure that the thongs, attaching the point to the projectile, were not cut.The site has more than 30 huge platform mounds with an estimated 750,000 burials -- most of them looted by treasure hunters who have taken immense quantities of gold, silver, copper, and bronze objects.

Occupation at CATEGORY: feature DEFINITION: A deep basin set in granite or other large rock outcroppings, formed by the grinding or crushing of foods with stone.Wir freuen uns, euch über Erfolge aus dem zweiten Quartal 2017 informieren zu können.Eure Briefe, E-Mails, Tweets und Faxe haben zu diesen positiven Entwicklungen beigetragen.It is assumed to have been a spear because of its size; the length of points varies from 2-4 in.(7-12 cm), and their widest width is 1-1 1/2 in (3-4 cm).Description: The Politics of Enclosure in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa, Florence Bernault Captivity and Incarceration in 19th Century West Africa by Thierno Bah Confinement in Angola's Past, Jan Vansina J...

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