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"Prokem" itself is a prokem word, created by adding -ok- to preman and removing the -an.For example, the word Bapak was broken into B-ok-apak and the last -ak is deleted, and the resulting word is Bokap which, until this day, is used as a slang term for Father.

They can be used to reinforce the social link between speaker and listener. At this time slang language vocabulary was formed by inserting the infix -ok- after the first consonant of a word, and deleting the last syllable, creating a totally new word.Variations of slang language can be found from city to city, mainly characterised by derivatives of the different local ethnic languages.For example, in Bandung, West Java, the local slang language contains vocabulary from the Sundanese language while the slang found in Jakarta tends to be heavily influenced by English or the old Batavian dialect (i.e.This was also an attempt among LGBT community to alter the word to become more "French-sounding" thus sounds more sexy, for example: Many slang particles are used in the end of a sentence.Usually, these particles do not directly change the sentence's meaning, in the sense that the truth conditions remain the same.The differences between formal and colloquial Indonesian are most evident in vocabulary and grammatical structures (e.g. The structure of the Indonesian slang language is mostly derived from formal Indonesian, however its vocabularly is a different story altogether.

Indonesian slang vocabulary is enriched by a combination of derivatives or loan words/ structures from foreign languages such as Min Nan commonly referred to as Hokkien, English, and Dutch, as well as local ethnic languages such as Batavian, Sundanese, and Javanese.

The latest method for transforming a word is to take a different word which has a similar sound.

For example, the word mau (want), is replaced with the word mawar originally meaning rose.

Indonesian slang language is not an official language of Indonesia.

However, it is a modified form of the Indonesian language and is widely used for everyday communication and in informal situations.

While it would be unusual to communicate orally with people on a casual basis with very formal Indonesian, the use of proper or 'good and correct' Indonesian ("bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar") is abundant in the media, government bodies, schools, universities, workplaces, amongst some members of the Indonesian upper-class or nobility and also in many other more formal situations. This is, in part, due to its vocabulary that is often so different from that of standard Indonesian and Malaysian and also because so many new words (both original and foreign) are quite easily incorporated into its increasingly wide vocabulary list.

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