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In 882, the body of the Cordoban martyr Eulogius was sent to Oviedo.

Its proximity to the ocean causes Oviedo to have a maritime climate, in spite of it not being located on the shoreline itself.

Ramiro I's (842-850) eight-year tenure was uneasy, he faced rebellions from the Counts of the Palace.

The first rebellion against Ramiro I was led by Alroitus, and the second rebellion was led by Piniolus.

Both of these rebellions were unsuccessful in removing Ramiro I.

These rebellions may have been why Ramiro I built his palace in the mountains surrounding Oviedo, presumably away from the violence.

Following Pelagius, who died in 737, Alfonso I (739-57) founded a dynasty that would last until 1037.

The Asturian Kingdom was on hostile terms with southern Moorish Spain.The Kingdom of Asturias began in 720, with a Visigothic Aristocrat Pelagius's (685-737) revolt against the Muslims occupying most of Spain at the time.The Moorish invasion of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 took control of most of the peninsula until the revolt in the northern mountains by Pelagius.In 794, Oviedo was sacked and pillaged by Caliph Hisham I in one of his numerous campaigns against the Christian kingdoms.The intention with Oviedo was to shape it into a city similar to that of Visigothic Toledo.Also constructed during Alfonso II's reign was the San Julian de los Prados church, which is one of the best preserved Asturian churches.

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