Puma dating system

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Puma dating system - accurate early ultrasounds dating pregnancy

“They built the temple itself as a giant clock,” Steede said in an interview with Forbidden History.On the first day of spring, the sun rises directly above the center of the temple, through a stone archway.

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These stone figures, however, are actually thought to depict the city’s former rulers. According to radiocarbon dating results released by anthropology professor William H.According to Jason Yaeger, professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, the city was already abandoned when the Incas conquered the area in 1470.The Incas spared no expense, however, incorporating Puma Punku and the rest of Tiwanaku city into their empire and culture.These places include Russia, Egypt, Albion, Carnac, Mexico, Peru and many other places throughout the world.How come we have pyramids on all the major continents!!Puma Punku covers a large part of the massive ancient city of Tiwanaku and it is located just southeast of Lake Titicaca in the Andes.

The city predates Inca presence in that part of South America.

The signs are all there if we wish to look closely enough, its just not politically or religiously acceptable to say so!

There are to many places in the world which hold claim to former cultural intelligence to accept that there is any difference.

It seems a no brainier to me that aliens have already been involved in our history. I believe the extreme age of the ruins is incontestable; it is at least twelve-thousand years old.

As one commentator noted, the disarray of the ruins, when first discovered by Spaniards, indicates cataclysmic action.

Prominent places are magnets for meanings, becoming symbols that accumulate meanings over time.” This is the Ancient Origins team and here is our mission ldquo To inspire open-minded learning about our past for the betterment of our future through the sharing of research education and knowledge rdquo At Ancient Origins we believe that...