Separated and dating is it legal

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If you want to select a seat, pay €2.'People are whining and whingeing – but you can't sit where you want.

You can control this in the setting section of the site.

Yesterday, Mr O'Leary again denied that Ryanair's seating system had been specifically set up to separate families or groups who had not paid the seat surcharge.

However, asked by Joe Duffy on Liveline if the booking system would allow groups who haven't reserved seats to sit together, Mr O'Leary replied: 'No – the system won't do that.'The Ryanair boss then added: 'But it also isn't told, "do your best to split them up as far as they possibly can".'Nevertheless, the admission that the Ryanair system will not allow groups who booked together to be seated together means that in practice, any group which hasn't paid the seat surcharge will automatically be split up.

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On that radio show, the colourful businessman added that in incidents where families were separated on Ryanair flights it is 'the responsibility of the adult who booked the flight.'He added: 'We haven't changed our policy.

If you're not happy to pay €2 for a seat, stop complaining and whingeing.

Asked by the presenter if aisle seats and window seats are kept free as late as possible because 'that's where we will make money,' Mr O'Leary replied: 'Absolutely, perfectly correct, no question about it.

That is a customer choice, if you don't want to pay the extra, don't pay the extra.'Mr O'Leary let fly at disgruntled families criticising the policy, telling them live on radio to 'stop complaining and whingeing'.

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Mr O'Leary's admission that the seating system currently in use does not allow this to happen will heighten criticism that families and groups are effectively being forced to pay a surcharge if they want to avoid the near-certainty of being split up around the aircraft.

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