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Whatever civil rights battle is being waged at any given time in history, you can almost guarantee that the bathroom will be a primary battleground: the place where the bogeyman lives.Trans people are only the latest marginalized group to be actively denied equal access to safe, clean, and secure public restrooms — and, by extension, to equal participation in public life.

11 -And I always thought the old Mc Donald's right before I-485 (where South 21 is now) in Matthews was the sign that we were near the beach (because we would fall asleep right there and wake up at the beach). 12- Does anyone remember when Jerry Peterson, the meterologist for WSOC would go around once a week and talk to local towns? Bob Lacey who now is at 107.9 use to host it with some other lady but I forgot her name at the moment...

Many attribute the dozens of anti-trans bills that have been introduced since late 2015, and the few that have since passed — including North Carolina’s, one in Mississippi, and the newly recalled ordinance in Oxford, Alabama — to staunch anti-LGBT backlash in the wake of marriage equality.

But more broadly, this brand of anti-trans panic is bound up in the natural evolution of American public restrooms, which have perpetuated gross inequities since their inception, with racial segregation being the most obvious, and by far the most egregious, example.

But others took Clinton’s mid-debate break as an opportunity to shame her for answering nature’s most basic call. Concerns about secretions, disease, and physical threats to the body are vessels through which deeper and more significant anxieties — regarding gender, sex, shame, and power — have been codified into law and reified by social norms over the span of decades.

The Monday after the debate, Donald Trump was seemingly repulsed. Now those cultural anxieties have zeroed in on trans people, who are being targeted by anti-LGBT bills ricocheting around state legislatures across the country.

Bob Lacey who now is at 107.9 use to host it with some other lady but I forgot her name at the moment... Infamous gay bars where straight teenagers could get free drinks easily (Blue Note also know as the Blow Note, Brass Rail, Anchor Inn, and others that existed in Charlotte before they became fashionable/acceptable) 7.

Off of the top of my head the following comes to mind: 1. Thomasboro Community House Friday night dances(westside) 3. The Krispy Cream on Independence (great stop for drunk teen drivers in the 60s). Conservatives peddling the narrative that “men in dresses” will prey on little girls in restrooms were instrumental in HB2’s passing; the same narrative thwarted LGBT nondiscrimination pushes in the past, in cities from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Houston, Texas.Now, both the Department of Justice and the White House have been fighting back.I was in 2nd grade and I could never imagine letting my 1st or 3rd grader doing that now! 9- I went shopping as a little girl at Ivey's downtown in the big city of Charlotte. Casper the athiest that preached athieism around the courthouse frequently. 7- When Top of the Day was the news show for Channel 3, and I remember Barbara Stutts/Mc Kay doing cooking segments. I thought I was IT, and knew that I had better behave or else we would not be allowed back!! After North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the DOJ for its condemnation of HB2, the DOJ filed its own lawsuit against North Carolina for infringing upon trans residents’ civil rights.

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    Inside, we discussed another trapping of success: Everyone wants to claim you for his own side. It's barely us, but it's not Glenn Beck," Stone said.