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Her parents believe that he must have passed her details on to others.Predators who try to sexually exploit children for the purpose of producing child pornography often share that pornography, or access to the child, with other predators.

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She has her son's social media accounts synced to her email."If he gets a message or a friend request or anything like that, I see everything he does," she said.In some cases the accomplished pedophile can manipulate the child, build a relationship, resulting in the child voluntarily meeting or running away with him.Truly sensible safety precautions are not a one-dimensional.After about a month of unmonitored use, her mother checked the device and was horrified to discover that her daughter had been targeted by at least 16 men.The ten-year-old schoolgirl was first contacted by a man on Snapchat, who won her trust before leading the conversation on to sex.One day she got a strange notification that her son received a message on Kik, a messenger app and one she hadn't seen before. Police say 30-year-old Lance Kyer began sending nude images and vulgar messages."He's telling my son he loved him, not even knowing my son...

She decided to check it out."Well, I pushed on it and it's a grown man and I'm thinking, that's not right."She began posing as her son and engaging in conversation with his new friend."He said I'm 30. He said, I'm cool with that, and he proceeded to say, where do you live? He wanted to have sex with my son knowing that he's ten...

He told my son he wanted to Skype, he wanted to Skype with him... She turned her son's phone over to police who continued the conversation posing as the boy.

Less than 12 hours later, police planned a meeting at a south side gas station. He's now facing federal sex charges all because this mother decided to step in and speak out."Pay attention to your children; know what your children are doing," she said.

The chance that a teen will ever come in physicalcontact with a sexual predator in their neighborhood is very low; let alone being snatched off the street—an occurrence that is extremely rare.

When we look again at the picture of a child sitting alone, safely in his room, we see something new.

Her father said that his daughter told many of the men that she was ten years old, but that it only encouraged them to ask for explicit images. When she refused the predator said “Your parents won’t come into your room in the time it will take to get out of your pajamas.” Her father added that the most frightening exchange he read was one in which a man offered to transfer his daughter money so that she might travel to meet up with him.

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