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“They stood in the same trench as the terrorist groups in Syria, such as the Al-Nusra Front, and other groups which joined Al-Jazeera in attacking the MBC series,” he said.

This is something, which you see or read about in the news every day. we are doing is merely criticizing in a dramatic way and alerting viewers to the many ways this evil group propagates its ideas.” Some of the accusations made against “Black Crows” imply that its critics believe Daesh should not be condemned in such TV dramas, Jaber argued.

The books follow a previous title by the author, the Simple Sex Book for children (pictured above).

The book was featured on Sweden’s TV4 Tuesday morning, where a number of the illustrations were revealed to the breakfast show’s audience.

Another project, this time by the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs, was released in September specifically tackling the concept of consent, in an effort to drive down sex attacks involving young migrants. So this book is trying to help integrate them better?

A March report had found that 85 per cent of suspects in gang rape cases in Sweden involved foreign origin attackers. To declare that a personal, inner experience gives certainty about the workings of the universe is to assign far too much value to one’s subjective sense of conviction. The brain, marvelous instrument though it is, isn’t infallible.

Jaber said he could not understand why Al-Jazeera or others would criticize “Black Crows,” which is clearly aimed at confronting the tyranny of Daesh.

“This is not the first time we face criticism or even threats at MBC; however our position has been and will always be (to confront) extremism in all shapes and forms,” he said.

You guys really believe the immigrants, will give a shit about this?

It takes quite a while for a culture, like the one they are from, to change in such a way, that enables them to see women as something else, than an object of their sexual desires.

Yet Al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language service has attacked the show, helping stoke terror threats against the channel and its employees, an MBC executive said.

One tweet by the channel on June 2, for example, implied that “Black Crows” is demeaning to Sunni Islam and that the show positioned women living under Daesh rule as hungry for sex.

Explaining the process of creating the book on his website, former government radio journalist Inti Chavez Perez states he “interviewed hundreds of young people, new arrivals, immigrants and born Swedish people”.

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