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Almost every major chat platform – including Apple's i Message – uses encryption in a way that is automatic and doesn't require anything particular of its users.

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Ms Rudd took on that argument and said that might be true "in theory" but that "the reality is very different".But it wants a way into reading specific conversations, a plan that most experts have said is completely unworkable.Technology companies say that such a system is impossible."Amber Rudd must be absolutely clear on what co-operation she expects from Internet companies.She is causing immense confusion because at the moment she sounds like she is asking for the impossible.Amber Rose isn't the first person you'd think about when choosing a talk-show host.

She made her name as a model, not as a journalist, or someone trained in comedy, or a degree-holding expert in anything.

Candi looked taken aback by the revelation, shooting back: "I'm starting to feel that you're bad in bed."[But] we find that some of the people that we think are the biggest freaks or whatever are so whack in the bedroom."Brutal.

She even lambasted Amber for not being more experimental with sex toys, leaving the sheepish former stripper mumbling: "I know, I'm weak for that."However the gender equality activist said that she was far from shy when it came to indulging in a little bit of, ahem, self-love."I masturbate all the time. That's why my skin looks so flawless," she said with a smile.

"Real people" aren't really interested in security features that stop the government and criminals reading their messages, according to Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

The Government should be allowed to look at people's messages and break through the security that keeps them hidden, she has written.

So why will this fifty-year-old white dude from Texas tune in to every episode of , which premieres tonight at 11 pm on VH1?