Truth about carbon dating bible

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Truth about carbon dating bible - Berta sexy web cam

Funny thing is that they tested an ancient structure at Durrington Walls in England, that they knew was 1500 years old, but the Carbon dating “proved” that it was actually 2500 years old!I stress that this "proof" was actually provably wrong.

A freshly killed seal at Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica, yielded a death age of 1300 years ago.Where is the mud from the Colorado River as it carved the Grand Canyon for millions of years?Also, when does a river that comes back in on itself, changing direction, somehow in the past was a rushing river that carved a canyon so deep?A whale stood on its tail for millions of years while Diatoms died and built up around it?They’ve found 90 foot plumb trees frozen in the ice 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle.They have ripe plumbs and healthy leaves, all frozen.

They’ve found Mammoths and many other animals frozen in place with food still in their mouths, frozen in stride.

It doesn’t exist anywhere in the world but it is taught as fact (Earth Science magazine 1989).

The Grand Canyon is supposed to represent the deepest exposed “strata” layers in the world.

We have to assume that scientists know all about the variables involved, that some scientists are wrong in supposing that there was variation in the intensity of cosmic-ray formation and that others were wrong in supposing that there were fluctuations in the original C-14 content.

Carbon dating assumes that the rate of C-14 decay has been a constant and has always been exactly the same rate that we find it to be today.

There are stalactites and stalagmites in caves and other rock formations that scientists claim took millions of years to develop.

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